Shipping Policy

Shipping & Processing

For our custom T-shirts & Sweatshirts

It takes 2-4 days for orders to be processed.
First T-Shirt $3.99 $6.99 $8.99 $5.00
Each additional T-Shirt +$0.75 +$1.00 +$1.00 +$0.75
First Sweatshirt $3.99 $8.99 $9.99 $7.00
Each additional Sweatshirt +$2.00 +$2.00 +$2.00 +$2.25

Complimentary FREE Shipping on orders totaling $50 and up!

Other items

Shipping time to the United States takes about 14-22 business days. International times vary and can take up to 25-45 business days depending on location. 

Sometimes it can take a while to receive certain items from us. But please be patient and do not hesitate to send us a message via email or DM if you feel like you've been waiting forever! 

(Orders can sometimes take up to 3-6 business days to process after placing the order before shipping out.  We do not ship on weekends.)

Where are my items shipping from and why does it take so long?

Some of our goodies are made in and shipped out directly from China. 

Thank you for your patience in regards to our shipping times! We are aware that the slow shipping is a part of our customer experience.
 We use multiple different vendors and 

Where is my tracking number?

You can check out the general tracking status on "Track my Order" from the navigation menu. 

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Some of our vendors use shipment methods that don't offer tracking numbers for their shipments out. Sorry! Shoot us a message and we'll figure it out for you if our vendors can offer us the tracking info. We offer protection for any orders that exceed the standard shipping times of 25-45 business days. Please contact us if you need support.

US ORDERS: If you need more detailed information, please shoot us an email at and we'll help you out!


I think my package is missing, what should I do?

If you have not received your order within the timeframe established for U.S. shipping please check with your local delivery system to ensure the package was not mistakenly placed nearby (Possibly a neighbor's house).

In the case that the product is not delivered, just send us an email and we'll check on its status for you!

Only one of my items came in the package... Where's the rest?

The items in our store come from different suppliers and in most cases will be shipped in separate packages at no additional cost to you. 

No worries! Let us know if there is still something missing after waiting patiently a bit longer and we will look into it.

I ordered weeks ago and still haven't received my items? 

Please send us an email at and we'll handle it. 

So, if your package has been lost in shipping or something bad happened to it, we will send you another one for free or just give you a refund.

Seriously, it has taken more than 4-6 weeks for some orders to arrive from some of our vendors, we're very sorry about the long waiting times if that happens to you too. So if you feel unsatisfied with the wait time, we will refund you 100% of your order when you are able to return the package when it arrives back to us. 

We know how it feels to wait and it sucks so we will be sure to help you out.

Thank you so much for all of your patience and understanding!



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